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Post  Admin Caldwell on 13th August 2009, 7:21 pm

Well, here we are, the introductions. Seems we've come a long way, doesn't it? Ten minutes of work, followed by three hours of WTFISGOINGONHOWDOIDOTHIS followed by ten more minutes of having someone help me do work.

I guess I'll go first.

You may call me...Tim.

(Obligatory Monty Python Reference)

Or Caldwell.

I am the admin but have very little idea of how to do this so don't hate me. Wait till you get to know me before you do that.

I'm cynical and love dark irony.

I have a meticulous attention to detail when it comes to RP backstories and characters. This site is proof of that.

I am a furry and will attempt to fursuit this year.

I'll have an image up as soon as my scanner stops hating me.

Quote of the Day:
"Jack-o-Lanterns, like most other things in life, are better with bees. SMASH IT...I DARE YOU."

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Admin Caldwell
Admin Caldwell

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Post  Guest on 14th August 2009, 10:12 am

Of course, I am forced to take the second slot unless I wait for other people... but I'm not a patient person so this will have to do. ^^

-sucks at short introductions-

The name's Mikaela. Quite a few nicknames has spawned from this name so you're free to call me anything you come up with as long as I deem it worthy. :3 I'm obsessed with JRPGs, namely Final Fantasy... I crack so many jokes about it with certain people it would make you sick. I also like manga, and I cosplay at least once a year. In terms of music, my tastes are both very broad and obscure. I also enjoy various Fantasy and Science Fiction titles in both the cinema and literature. And for the note, I'm also addicted to the interwebz and enjoy graphic design. ;D OH! And I like to write, thus my liking to RP.

When it comes to personality, I am generally a very happy random person who would never dare to be anything but herself. I find that I dress differently from the majority, which isn't a bad thing, because I like to try and stand out from the crowd. I don't care what other people think of me unless it's something huge that is causing me problems.

So... yeah... I could write a book on this type of thing but I think I'll shut up now.

And I'm an admin because this guy -points to post above- needs some help. I have experience in this field so I'm offering him my assistance. o:

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INTRODUCTIONS: Post HERE Empty Heh heh heh...

Post  Darkgozaruf on 15th August 2009, 8:51 pm

Hey, I'm Darkgozaruf. Yes, that is my name; no, I will not help you pronounce it. Get it right the first time like good little girls and boys, Mkay?

I am a man of intellect and stupidity; of wit and retardation; of seriousness and humor; and of the ways of the Fail and its ever loving partner, randomness. As with the one who has posted before me, I am no good at the short introduction, so bear with me on this.

You know, actually, I don't know what to put here exactly... so...
Uhmmmm... if you want to know about me more, send me a message I guess...
Uh... uh... Always remember to brush your teeth twice a day...
And, Welcome to the Forum!

And remember kids:
I'm not afraid to bring the Woothammer down upon you...
And I have a nice heaping spoonful of failurecake waiting!

And if you're reading this... Caldwell... I can't think of anything better than what you've just read, so don't yell at me! D:

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Post  GuardianSaiyoko on 6th September 2009, 12:33 am


My name is Kare, but I also go by Zeke, Guardian, Sai, Rei, Dragon, and just about anything else you can get me to answer to including my twin brother's name. My twin brother has now forgotten my birthday twice, which I tend to think is hilarious.

I'm a certified veterinary technician by trade, which by definition also means I'm insane. I decided to be a vet tech to support being a writer. There was a logic fail in there somewhere, as vet techs simply don't make decent money. But hey, puppies and kittens! Who doesn't love those? The vet med field has horribly skewed my sense of humour and barbarically slaughtered my attention span.

I spend most of my free time writing and I have an addiction to editing. I have a main original project I'm working on, but I also began writing fanfiction on a dare years ago and found it was fun. I still do write fanfiction, and I can see that my writing has improved with practice. Fun fact: Googling my actual name brings no results that are me, but Googling GuardianSaiyoko brings a couple pages of results that are almost all me. I don't know how that happened, exactly.

I will cease this long-winded introduction here, lest it become more long-winded.

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