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Character Post: Second Dawn Empty Character Post: Second Dawn

Post  Admin Caldwell on 15th August 2009, 8:44 pm

Title says it all. Name your character, give him/her an appearance, a personality, and some cool items.

Get as detailed as you want; the more the better. If there's something you don't want known to the public PM me or whomever is the GM about it.

And I don't make characters unless I hand the GM reins over to another player.

Which doesn't happen often.
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Character Post: Second Dawn Empty Re: Character Post: Second Dawn

Post  GuardianSaiyoko on 12th September 2009, 4:45 pm

An' here's Ash Hawkinson's ridiculously detailed profile! If there's anything you want me to change, just lemme know and I'll change it up straightaway, yeah?

Ashley "Ash" Hawkinson

Age: 24

Occupation: Freedom fighter. At least, so she'd like to think.

Average height and all around pretty scruffy-looking. Short, messy brown hair, hazel eyes, lean build; tends to dress in earthy colours and wear sandals or go barefoot whenever possible. Wears a vest of whiteplaz.

Personality: Ash is stupidly optimistic and often comes across as fearless because she refuses to back down from a fight or a dare. This gets her into a lot of trouble. She is incredibly loyal (once you've earned her loyalty) and will risk anything to defend her friends and family- and her own skin, of course. She takes great joy in simply living day-to-day and wants to see everyone else experience the same joy. She's well aware that this is a somewhat childish dream, but feels that doesn't diminish its validity in the least.

History: Ash was part of a guerilla group that called themselves Freedom Call. Caught betweeen the Southern and Northern Coalitions, Ash had only ever wanted to be left alone- but due to the location of her home that was impossible. She lived at the edge of the Peninsula, far closer to the main battles than she'd have liked. After a battle took place in what she'd considered her own private slice of jungle and tore up her home, she found Freedom Call, whom she'd heard rumours of before. Their pitch was that they fought to end all conflict and bring peace to Edge. Ash didn't know it for quite a while- she'd actually moved all the way up the ranks to captain her team before she figured it out- but Freedom Call was really more of a terrorist cult than any kind of freedom coalition. When she realised it and confronted the rest of her team about letting themselves be tricked into doing dirty work they turned on her, resulting in a fight that wiped out most of her team and sent Ash fleeing through the jungle from the remainder of them. She's rather bitter about the betrayal and seeks to form a new Freedom Call that actually does the job the old one was meant to.

Wears a vest of whiteplaz and wields a stolen piezoblade.

Special skills:
Damned good thief, and very good at scratching out a living from next to nothing. She can climb like nobody's business and will gladly take to the trees to avoid pursuit. Because of this, she loves the jungle.

Favorite saying:
"It is better to die standing than to live kneeling."

Song that would suit her: Warriors of Light by Freedom Call

Alignment: If Ash had an alignment, for all that she's a very fiery person, it would be Light. Though she can be very amoral (she thinks nothing of thievery, for example), Ash has a strong sense of what is right and always seeks to guard and protect others.


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